Benefits of Vitamin D for Health Body

Benefits of Vitamin D for Healthy and fit Body that Vitamin D is good for bones structure and make your body strong the vitamin D foods sources like milk, green vegetables and others.

Vitamin D promotes intestinal calcium absorption and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to allow normal bone mineralization and prevent hypocalcemia tetany involuntary muscle contractions leading to spasms and convulsions.

 It’s often referred to as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies can make it when exposed to ultraviolet light and according to the National Institutes of Health most people meet at least part of their daily vitamin needs this way.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D for Health Experts aren’t sure if its deficiency leads to depression or the other way around. However studies show a link between the two. Research is ongoing to see if increasing your vitamin D levels can help with symptoms and improve your mood.

Almost all leafy greens are packed with cancer fighting compounds that help protect healthy cells from damage. For example cabbage and other Brassica vegetables contain glycosylates quercetin kaempferol and beta carotene which have been shown to have anti cancer effects.

Daily exposure to the midday sun is very important for the production of vitamin D. 20-30 minutes a day, especially on the arms and legs is strongly recommended.

Vitamin D Foods Sources

Vitamin D Foods Sources Only select foods naturally contain vitamin D including eggs and fatty fish such as salmon but many others including milk and orange juice have been fortified with the nutrient. Why such emphasis on this fat soluble vitamin.

It can improve brain function. Scientists have linked vitamin D to a number of important functions in the body including how the brain works. Vitamin D receptors are located in the brain and spinal cord.

In the human body vitamin D plays an important role because it supports the absorption of minerals, whether calcium or phosphorus. It also helps strengthen bones and teeth protects against type 1 diabetes multiple sclerosis and cancer.

This vitamin is said to be found in many foods such as mackerel tuna sardines and herring but the amount obtained from these foods is not sufficient to meet the body’s needs. There are many foods including juices cereals dairy products etc.

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